Mount Lemmon Ski Valley Skyride

The Mount Lemmon ski lift becomes a skyride during the summer months. The ride to the summit takes about 15 minutes. You can get off to enjoy the view or take a hike before taking it back down to the base of the ski area. The lift departs at about an elevation of 8200 feet and climbs to 9100 feet.

Mount Lemmon Ski Valley Skyride

Heading up towards the summit.

It can be much cooler on Mount Lemmon than it is down in Tucson and during monsoon season it may be raining when it is perfectly sunny in Tucson.  We went on a day that was over 100 degrees in town but we were chilly and needed long sleeves.

The view from the summit is fantastic. It is definitely worth getting off the lift at the top.

Mount Lemmon Ski Valley Skyride

The view from the summit.

We didn’t stay long since it was drizzling on us. We did see some colorful wildflowers and quite a few different birds.

Mount Lemmon Ski Valley Skyride

As you head down you can see the San Pedro Valley and the distant mountains near Globe and Phoenix.

Ski Valley hours for the skyride are as follows:

Monday – Thursday – Friday 10:30 – 4:30
Saturday and Sunday 9:00 – 4:30
Tuesday and Wednesday Closed

There is plenty of parking, a snack shop, a gift shop and a restaurant across from the parking lot.

Only two people are allowed on the lift at one time unless a mom has a baby in arms. This is important to consider if you have more than one child. Each lift has a bar that comes down in front but otherwise you are on your own to stay safe. There is no age minimum to ride.

Mount Lemmon Ski Valley Skyride

Looking at a ladybug outside the gift shop.

I was worried that J would get scared, but she had a blast. Riding the lift is definitely a fun way to escape the summer heat!

3 thoughts on “Mount Lemmon Ski Valley Skyride

  1. That is so awesome. We went went it was full of snow and you needed the proper gear to go up. We might try one of these weekends .It’s too hot in town!

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