The Red Barn Country Store…and More

The Red Barn Country Store, located at 11011 East Tanque Verde Road, is more than just a store. It was developed by Old Pueblo Children’s Services (a non-profit 501(c)3 organization) to financially assist their care homes for children ages 3-17 and to provide a unique setting for Tanque Verde area residents and others to gather and enjoy each other’s company in a village type atmosphere.

The Red Barn Country Store

The Red Barn Country Store

We start to go stir crazy during these hot summer months. Some days we just need to get outside for a little while in the middle of the day. We have driven by here a few times so today we decided to check it out.

There are two acres of interesting things to explore. Outside you will find antiques, old cars, tractors, statues, flowers, boats, fountains, bird baths, old wheels, birdhouses and more.

The huge trees offer a decent amount of shade. The two ponds were a hit with J.

The Red Barn Country Store

The little pond.

The Red Barn Country Store

The large pond.

The playground area has a little bit of shade around it.

The Red Barn Country Store

Heading for the swings.

There is a livestock area but right now there isn’t any livestock to see. J did enjoy checking out the tractor and the old car though.

The Red Barn Country Store

Riding the metal bull.

There are quite a few covered areas where you can sit and relax or throw down a blanket.

The Red Barn Country Store

J thought the boat on the roof was funny.

The Red Barn Country Store

A large shady spot.

The Red Barn Country Store

Another shady spot.

The patio of The Red Barn Country Store also has plenty of seating and all kinds of nifty items to look at.

The Red Barn Country Store

J had fun checking out all the stuff on the patio.

Inside you will find antiques, collectables, hand-made soaps, lotions, baked goods, jams, spices, old-fashioned candies and all kinds of random items for sale. All profits from the store go directly to the non-profit. There’s also a small snack bar.

The Red Barn Country Store

An odd assortment!

I enjoyed poking around inside (I didn’t mind the AC either) but J quickly wanted to go back outside to see what else she could find that interested her.

The Red Barn Country Store

Hey, this shovel has eyes!

The Red Barn Country Store

This frog has golf ball eyes!

The Red Barn Country Store

Big spoons!

The Red Barn Country Store

Whoa! That’s a big wheel!

Everyone was very friendly and nobody minded that J was poking around and touching everything. There are future plans to have a farmers’ market, arts and crafts for children and special events. Pets are welcome, too!

If you are in the area, stop by and check out The Red Barn Country Store. Who knows, you might find something you just can’t leave without!

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6 thoughts on “The Red Barn Country Store…and More

    • They don’t have any ice cream yet, but are hoping to in the near future. They have to get everything taken care of with the health department and do all the legal stuff first. It certainly would make the perfect spot to enjoy ice cream!

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