A Tour for the Aspiring Veterinarian

This one’s more for the older crowd of kiddos, but I had been wanting to check out P.A.W.S (Partners in Animal Wellness Services) since it opened. P.A.W.S is an integrative veterinary center located at 300 East River Road. P.A.W.S offers conventional veterinary care as well as alternative therapies such as:

  • acupuncture
  • Chinese herbal therapy
  • Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • alternative cancer therapies
  • nutritional therapy
  • regenerative medicine
  • physical rehabilitation therapy

P.A.W.S (Partners in Animal Wellness Services) - An Integrative Veterinary Center

You can stop by during business hours for a short tour of the facility. The tour takes about 15 minutes. Some of the areas included in the tour are:

  • waiting rooms
  • separate dog and cat exam rooms
  • x-ray room
  • consultation room
  • surgery room
  • main veterinary care area
  • pharmacy and Chinese medicine area
  • outdoor areas
  • office area
  • employee areas
Waiting Room

Waiting for the tour.

There are two waiting rooms. The one in the photo above is the social area. There’s even a Keurig coffee maker so you can make yourself a cup of joe while you wait. There is plenty of reading material as well. There is another, more secluded area for shy dogs. An enclosed outdoor patio with a drinking station for the dogs is just outside the social area.

The facility is absolutely breathtaking with wood beamed ceilings, plenty of natural light, artwork on all the walls, inviting furniture, colorful landscaping and state of the art equipment.

Break Room

Who wouldn't want to relax and eat lunch in this employee break room?


There is an extensive reference library.

Dog Run

This is the area where recovering dogs get walked.

We asked a lot of questions and everyone was cheerful and more than helpful. When you are done with the tour, you can sit and relax in one of the many outdoor patio areas.

Koi Fish

J is trying to figure out how to get closer to the fountain and the koi fish.

Outdoor Patio

Here's another outdoor patio area.

If your child is inquisitive and loves animals this tour would be a lot of fun. Encourage them to ask questions!


Time to go home!

2 thoughts on “A Tour for the Aspiring Veterinarian

  1. This is a nice facility. I did a mobile install for an employee here a while back. Staff were all very nice and talkative. I was also able to make myself some coffee and take it outside with me while I did my work. Good post!

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